Current lines
All lines have been cultivated in accordance to brother Adams specifications. At present, we have access to approx. 1300 colonies and carry out a strict selection to mating scales on a so-called statistical parent population. To use our available genetic potential in the best way some of the queens will be artificially stimulated. Changing the drones at our mating station is not possible due to organizational reasons.

current lines 2018

Our mother of breeding:

B???(BZF) .16 –B144(HST)frkg B27(ABg) : .14-B63(HST)hbgB101(CHP)
imq.13- B63(TR)hbgB235(PJ) : .12-B137(TR)balB72(TR)


B92 (DB) = .14-B45(DB)lthlB200(BB) : .13-B49(DB)lgnB73(HGS)
.11-B1(DB)lgnB79(HGS) : imq .10-B164(IC)bal135(TR)

The lineage is promising given the names that go along with it and rigorously bred in line with our philosophy. We don’t want to experiment with our drones, rather we are aiming to maintain the breed of proven Buckfast lines.

As in every year we will have more than 50 drone colonies at our mating station to guarantee a huge amount of drones.

For more information and pedigrees from all european breeders contact
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